Jess + Tim: Oregon Coast Engagement


Jess and Tim are east coasters like myself who recently gave in to the pull of the North West. Jess and I went to undergrad together and then she went on to RISD to become a force in the pattern and textile world. We shared a New York bedroom one summer when she was interning in the city (which forced us to become even closer ;)  and then her and Tim moved to Brooklyn and we were able to spend a short overlap there together before I moved. This spring Jess and Tim moved west and I couldn't be happier to have them here in Portland. Tim is a rock hound and might get more excited by sparkly things in the ground than me, and they're both up for all the adventures and exploring they can get their hands on. 

Late spring I was able to spend a day with them and show off one of my favorite parts of the Oregon coast. It started pouring when we were leaving Portland and we were definitely misted on here and there, but overall the day was amazing and we had the beach all to ourselves. Champagne and sparklers were everywhere, a perfect celebration for their engagement and cross country move. I'm very excited for their wedding back east next month, but more excited they'll be here for a while! Now for the absurd amount of photos, because I couldn't choose just one...

Kelly+Aaron: Portland Engagement Photos

Spent a wonderfully windy and unexpectedly chilly morning in the Columbia River Gorge with these two and it made me so excited for their wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes in the late summer. They are painfully cute and it's obvious their love for one another is over the moon. We were windblown and laughing all morning, even when being attacked by waterfall mist. In the end we were rewarded with a secret chunk of the gorge all to ourselves and a peak at some spring sunshine. Congrats Kelly + Aaron, can't wait to celebrate with you in September! 

Ari + Stephen: Hood River, OR

Ari + Stephen intended to get married on this incredible hillside in Hood River until they found out the property was being logged this summer (insert thumbs down emoji). So instead we trespassed our way to the hillside, before it was totally ruined, for some beautiful and romantic engagement pictures. We then found a lovely little spot to share some wine and watch the sun set behind Mt. Hood. I am in love with this shoot and this couple and cannot wait for their wedding in October!