Sara + Justin: Snow Day Adventure In Portland // Mt. Tabor

When it snows in Portland the whole city shuts down. Usually it only snows once a winter and it disappears within 24 hours, so that's fine. This January however,  Portland was hit with a snowpocalypse, accumulating to over a foot and lasting for weeks. The city didn't know what to do and was basically shut down for 9 straight days! I had been planning a shoot with Sara and Justin for a while and we knew we wanted snow for it. We had been planning on adventuring out to Mt. Hood to find it though. When shoot day came we merely had to travel a few blocks to Mt. Tabor city park instead, which was the perfect winter wonderland! The sun came out and even though it was freezing we had a blast running around with the dogs and sledding between the Doug Fir trees. Perfect little Oregon snow day! 

Stay tuned for part two of this shoot, the other best thing to do on a snow day, snuggle inside with hot coffee all afternoon!