'Kate was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! Not only did she take stunning, creative pictures but also she was able to capture intimate moments we didn’t even know were happening. Her pictures are above and beyond what we were expecting and on top of that she’s just a great person. She’s relaxed and laid back and multiple friends and family members commented how great she was to be around. We didn’t realize how essential it was to have a photographer we felt comfortable around. Picture time was a breeze because she put us at ease and we were able to trust whatever she said because she’s a consummate pro. We had a few friends at the wedding that plan to hire her for their weddings and they won’t be disappointed because there isn’t a better option out there!' -Alyssa + Simon

'There are no words for how thrilled I am with my wedding pictures. She blew my expectations out of the water. She understood what we were looking for, candid shots of our day and our loved ones. I feel so lucky to be able to have such great photos of our day to remember for the rest of our lives!' -Alexis + Mitchell

'We were so happy to have chosen Kate as our wedding photographer. I wanted a photographer that I was really comfortable with, and I've known Kate for a long time--so I knew I would be totally at ease with her. But the rest of the wedding party and many of our guests, who did not know her, commented on her wonderful manner: calm, warm, professional, flexible and friendly. She was awesome at herding together my family and friends to get the pictures we were hoping for, and captured so many lovely, candid moments oft the prep, and such fun, spontaneous moments during the celebration. Kate's photography is the perfect combination of timeless and unique, and she captures people, sentiment, venue and details just beautifully. I am so pleased that she was able to *fly across the country* to shoot our wedding, and would recommend her to anyone.' -Kate + Sean

'Kate is an amazing photographer, our photos are beautiful! I can't tell you have many compliments I've received. Kate was so professional, friendly and flexible. My mom is super hard to please and she was blown away. We only gave her 20 minutes after the ceremony for our personal photos (we had meant to have over an hour, but everything ran late) and she was able to somehow capture so many fabulous photos that we now have framed around our house. In all the chaos Kate was always a smiling face, finding the special moments and capturing all of them. We also got a photos back super quickly. It was such an amazing experience to go back through them with my husband and relive the day!' -Andrea + Keith

'Kate is THE best! She is creative and quick. She captures everything from funny to precious moments. She was there taking pictures in all the great moments but also seemingly unnoticeable! I love her go-to attitude and love for the outdoors! She has a way of harnessing your style and also her style within the pictures!! She also has a way of capturing absolutely beautiful, unique candid pictures. She is down to earth and super great to work with. Our engagement, my boudoir and wedding pictures are seriously breathtaking. She is worth every penny and more!!' -Kelly + Aaron

'Kate and her assistant did an incredible job at our wedding. We could not have asked for a better experience, and our walls are plastered all but floor to ceiling with the evidence of her talent and professionalism.. She was present, gracious and lovely, easily melting into the background while still capturing the smallest, most meaningful moments of the day. Throughout the ceremony, she and her assistant shot amazing candids but also specific photos that I had requested. She guided guests into different shots and helped facilitate the more posed photos so that we didn't spend too long away from our guests.  Kate was able to capture the gorgeous weather, the beautiful venue, all of my crazy relatives and friends, the flowers, cake, dress- each and every moment and detail was photographed in the most tasteful way. We felt like we got to relive our day all over again. And though Kate swears she did not airbrush me, I must say, I look amazing. ;) The best part of the whole experience was when she pulled my husband and me away towards the end of the wedding to take some alone shots of us kissing and being goofy. These are particularly special because they weren't part of the ceremony. They feel very private, and we love having them. We can't wait to work with her again!' -Sarah + Pascal